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Blog Everyday in May: Catch-up Post

While participating in #MondayBlogs this week, I discovered another twitter tag that struck my fancy. It’s #BEDM, which stands for Blog Everyday in May. It seemed a good opportunity to get to know a smaller subset of the blogging community versus #MondayBlogs which gets a lot of traffic, especially via writers who are writing to other writers. (Ahhh, infinite loop. My head can’t take it.)

Since I’m a little late to the party, I’m going to smash the first four days’ worth of topics into this post.

Sunday: Tell Us Something New

Something people don’t often know about me is that I like reptiles, including snakes. If I find a snake in my yard, I’m not afraid to pick it up. In fact, I probably will pick it up.

I’m also a lizard fan. Once upon a time, in the year 2006 B.C. (Before Children), hubs and I owned a lizard named Beans.



She was awesome. And grumpy. We gave her to a friend when I discovered I was pregnant, due to the salmonella risk. Odds are that I will own another lizard one day and if I do, odds are high that it will be a uromastyx because I DON’T like bugs and I need a lizard that can subsist on veggies.

Monday: Monday Musing

I’m not much of a muser lately. I’m a scatterbrained, disjointed, disorganized ruminator. I also tend to hone in on one item/topic/task, and it captures my attention for a day, a week, and then something shiny draws my attention elsewhere.

Something Shiny

Something Shiny

If I were to muse about anything in particular, it would be about my children, and how wonderful they are (mostly), and how blessed I am to have them, and I would bask in the surreal reality that I have not one, but three of them, and I would wonder why God chose me for the wonderful task of raising them.

And baby makes three!

And baby makes three!

That’s what I would think about. If I had time to think.

Tuesday: Walking to Work

I’m narrowing this topic down to walking, because walking to work isn’t an option for me.

Walking is a bit of a sore subject for me, literally and figuratively. Literally because I’m out of shape. And figuratively… Well, come to think of it, figuratively might be the wrong word choice here. But anyway—

Just thinking about walking reminds me of how I made one of those dumb New Years’ Resolutions to lose weight. And guess what? It ain’t happening. (Surprise!) In January and February, I was good about getting off my duff and going for a walk or sweating to a Beach Body workout. But then my daughter’s first birthday happened and I ate cake. And ice cream. And I’ve been eating ice cream ever since, or if not that, then cookies, or if not that then Skittles.

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained back those 8 pounds I lost, but I’m sparing myself the disappointment of standing on a scale.

I’m reminded of how out of shape I am when I huff and puff up the stairs or when I walk a mile and it wears me out. Anyway, as you can see, this quite literally is a sore subject for me, so I’m going to stop talking about it.

Wednesday: What’s in My Bag?

Not much. I don’t like to carry a bunch of stuff around.

If we’re talking “bag” as in “purse” it’s just the usual things: keys, phone, a pen, Burt’s Bees chapstick, credit cards, no real cash, etc.

If we’re talking “bag” as in “bag”, I do carry a cloth bag around at times, crafted by my mother, who is a quilter.

Cloth Bag

What’s in my bag depends on where I’m going. It may or may not contain a water bottle, my lunch, a Ziplock bag full of makeup, a calendar/food journal (which I haven’t been using), and that’s about it.

What’s in your bag/purse?

(Okay. I’m all caught up!)

photo credit: christmas rainbow angel : union square, san francisco (2015) via photopin (license)

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