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Guitar Tunes and Gnocchi

It’s Sunday at the Thomas residence, so what else is there to do but strum out-of-tune guitars and make gnocchi? (See vlog below for full explanation.)

The Recipe

I’ve never made gnocchi before, and I wanted to start with a simple recipe. I found a gnocchi recipe by Martha Stewart and decided to give it a go. I also watched this video, and it’s a good thing I did, because I probably would have kneaded the dough too long. Turns out you hardly have to knead it at all.

Oh, and the simple technique for making authentic looking gnocchi that the lady talks about in the video? (Roll the dumpling down a fork?) Not so simple. I ended up pressing the fork against the dumpling—once on each side—and then, when my feet began to hurt from standing, I simply decided to forego the fork marks altogether.


Next time I make gnocchi, I’ll make smaller dumplings. I also plan to experiment with whole grain and gluten free alternatives, and maybe even substitute russets with sweet potatoes.

The Soup

I featured my homemade gnocchi in a copycat recipe of Olive Garden’s chicken and gnocchi soup. My gnocchi held together and floated to the top of the simmering soup as they are supposed to.


I must say, they were quite yummy in the soup. Much better than store bought, pre-made gnocchi. (Lot’s more work too. But worth it. I think.)

The Verdict

My oldest son doesn’t like gnocchi, and he didn’t like mine. My middle child won’t eat anything but hot dogs and cheese quesadillas with the occasional fish stick. And my husband said the soup didn’t taste quite right. So, I’m chalking it up as a success.


Next time I will alter the copycat recipe by reducing the amount of thyme by half, and by reducing some of the cream in favor of chicken broth, for a slightly lighter soup. And as I mentioned, I will make smaller gnocchi. (Gnocchis?) With those minor adjustments, the soup will no doubt be perfect. I think.

The Vlog

Check out the video of my experiment below:

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  • Melfka April 4, 2016, 5:02 pm

    I love gnocchi, though in Poland we call them “kopytka” and make them in a slightly different shape.
    We also usually serve it with chopped up fried bacon (the grease from frying is used on top of them), and a side of sauerkraut fried with onion.

    • Jessica E. Thomas April 11, 2016, 12:35 am

      Yummy! Everything is better with bacon. 🙂 I’ve never been a sauerkraut person though!

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