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Sweet Hearts

SweetHeartsAfter a series of failed relationships, LJ Masters has resolved to avoid dating for a year. In the meantime, she’s playing Valentine’s Day matchmaker for twenty single ladies with the help of the spin-a-date wheel.

Imagine her surprise when her ex-boyfriend and local celebrity, Thaddeus Walker, enters the matchmaking game. As a food artist extraordinaire, he’s a master at spinning sugar. But can he spin his way back into LJ’s heart?

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Kindled Hearts

KindledHeartsClaire Farmer’s life just went up in smoke. Literally.

According to the fire chief, her 80-year-old house went up like a pile of kindling, destroying all but a few of her precious belongings.

Newly divorced and homeless, she’s in no place to start a relationship. But when Mitchell Deitrich offers to help her get back on her feet, even she can’t ignore the sparks that fly.

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Running Backward

RunningBackwardWhen Dulcie Brannam asks her cousin to stay for the week, she inadvertently invites her former high school boyfriend. But with her baby sister’s wedding just one week away, Dulcie doesn’t have time to worry about her surprise guest. She has bigger problems, including Sunday morning nursery duty, misdated wedding programs, and 10-dozen broken eggs.

Laid off from her marketing job and married to a workaholic worrier, it’s no wonder she’s nearly thirty and childless. With her dreams of motherhood in limbo, she’s an easy target for her old boyfriend’s flirtatious advances. Will his weeklong stay prove too long for her already strained marriage?

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This Quiet Tyranny

ThisQuietTyrannyIn a near-future United States, the government guarantees access to food, healthcare, education, and employment so that all people may be assured their basic rights.

Laine Sutton is struggling to survive. As a faithful government employee, she’s earned a cinder block apartment, perpetual debt, and a host of addictions.

Boyd Doucleff makes his own rules. As a born and bred freedom fighter, he’s trained to restore the Republic at any cost, even if it means shedding innocent blood.

She’s his next target. He’s her only hope.

One man. One woman.

Both disillusioned.
Both primed for truth.

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Moon Dust Castles (and other shorts) – a humorous scifi short story collection

MoonDustCastlesMoon Dust Castles (and other shorts) is a short collection of short stories that promises short bursts of laughter and long guffaws.

Imbued with a fresh lack of profundity, doused in satire, and sprinkled with whimsy, these stories will gently offend end-times prophesiers, fantasy groupies, and anyone who thinks humans actually have a clue.

With bits of science fiction and romance mixed in, this collection offers a hearty taste of Jessica E. Thomas’ rich (and sometimes bitter) imagination.

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The Giant Burrito

TheGiantBurritoWhen Ike’s bedroom goes dark, the giants come out, but they’re no ordinary scary giants. Ike’s about to meet a giant of the culinary kind—a steaming bean burrito with a mean squint who intends to take Ike and his brother on a journey they won’t soon forget.

Ike and the Giant Burrito is written by Jessica E. Thomas, but inspired by six-year-old Isaac Thomas, whose imagination defies adult boundaries. The Giant Burrito began as a tale Isaac shared with his younger brother, and the story became legend after the overgrown, stuffed mexican tortilla made repeated nightly visits to their bedroom.

Now enshrined in a book, the Giant Burrito can live on in the minds, hearts, and bedrooms of youngsters everywhere. And who knows…maybe someday he’ll bring presents.

Isaac Thomas is a first grader who loves cars, race tracks, video games, and of course, drawing. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his little brother as well as reading and making up tall tales. His other works include Uh-Oh, Bad Hair Day, 31 Cars, and Don’t Carve Me.

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DeReConstructionde(re)construction is the author’s journey through spiritual crisis, condensed into free verse and occasional rhyme.

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Other Publications

  • Cure for Every Disease
  • Dying is illegal. Except for the lucky fricks who bite it quick. Like the favored one who plowed his Fiat under a semi. Not enough head room. Popped his bean clean off, sent it rolling into the back seat.

    They can’t sew a head back onto a body. No sense cryo-freezing bloody pulp. No sense arresting a dead guy either.

  • A Planet for Them
  • 0-1’s dreams make his muscles twitch. First it is just small facial spasms – like a cat when it sleeps. Then his entire body joins in. He balls up the hand-like extensions attached to what might be considered his wrists and ankles. The straps that keep him from floating away into the zero gravity also keep him from harming himself. He jerks around like an epileptic, cries out, speaks gibberish with his primitive tongue. Around him, C5 hums quietly.

    Flash Fiction

    • Countermeasures
    • MOOT blinked.

      Across the aisle, LU-C sat dark. Down for maintenance.

      Irrelevant. LU-C couldn’t warm MOOT’s circuits. Not anymore.