Jessica E. Thomas: Author, Mother, Vlogger

Who Is Pretty Odd?

My name is Jessica E. Thomas. I live in the tension between Pretty and Odd.

I am:

  • A girl who grew up on Star Trek and Carl Sagan, who started wearing glasses at the age of nine.
  • A woman who had severe postpartum depression after her first child, but went on to fight for two more children to create a family of five.
  • A foodie seeking a healthy lifestyle of whole foods and exercise, who has also been know to backslide.
  • An author who can’t decide between romance and scifi, and so she writes both.
  • A student who earned a Bachelor’s in English but prefers to live on an IT wage instead.
  • A programmer who occasionally dreams of database tables and POJOs and stacktraces and java code.
  • An entrepreneur and co-owner of Common Oddities LLC, and Editor of The Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow.
  • A sinner saved by grace who has been made new by Jesus Christ, and who is devoted to living by faith and not by sight.

This is my internet home. Feel free to sit back and stay awhile. Everyone is welcome here! If you feel inclined, drop me a note and say ‘Hi’! 🙂

Photo credit: John Hain

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